Our Services

I walk socialised and friendly dogs either singly or in small groups.

Prices start from £10 and can be booked after our free initial consultation.


Please note that some fuel costs may apply depending on where you live – just ask.

PUPPY CARE - contact me to have chat

Puppy visits for while they go through their inoculation period.

Each visit lasts around 20 mins.

I spend time with pup, clean up any mess, give them lots of play and fun and even help with basic puppy training.

I also offer puppy walks for pups who have been inoculated and help get them used to their new lead. 



For each service I will open and close curtains/blinds; turn lights on to keep your house looking "lived-in".



Feeding, fresh water, letting out for toilet breaks and lots of play and cuddles. 


Cat and small animals

A popular choice meaning no interruption to their lives, just the usual routine whilst you’re away.  

Each visit includes feeding, refreshing of water and litter tray/cage cleaning.

You choose how many visits I make in a day so you and your pet can get the exact service you want at low cost.

I’m available for cat and small animal visits in the mornings and afternoon/evenings.


Small animal boarding in my own home - contact me for details 


Home boarding - this will be launched in the near future.  Watch this space for details!